Join Wubbzy in a treasure hunt

Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure is an interactive storybook app for kids. The app is developed by GoodTalkApps and is an adaptation of a Nick Jr. television series.

Wubbzy and his friends are cute creatures who live in Wuzzleburg. One day, the group goes to the library and looked for great books. Wubbzy finds a book with a pirate on the cover.

A piece of paper suddenly falls out of the book. When he picks it up, he sees that it’s a treasure map. He and his friends decide they will go a treasure hunt!

They then change into pirate costumes and head to the sea. What happens next? What adventures did they encounter? Did they find any treasure? Read the book to find out!

There are three reading modes: Read to Me, Read & Play, and Just a Book.

Kids can interact with the story by touching the different elements and characters. Games are built in the story and are integral to the story flow. The app also features three music videos that kids can sing along with.

This is a very entertaining app and kids would definitely like reading this. It’s highly interactive and it’s always great to imagine going on a treasure hunt. Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure is a must-download app!

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Classic fairy tale is now an app

Classical Tales: Rapunzel is a storybook app from Jekolab Srl. It tells the classic tale of Rapunzel, the girl with a very long hair.

The tale starts with a witch admiring her garden full of rapunzels, a type of plant. One night, the witch catches a man trying to steal her rapunzels. The man says his wife is pregnant and craving these.

The witch doesn’t listen to the man’s pleas and tells him he will be punished. When the man’s wife gives birth, the witch appears in and takes their baby away.

The witch imprisons the baby in a very tall tower and raises the baby as her own. The rest, as they say, is history.

The digital storybook is faithful to the fairy-tale story that we all grew up with. Of course, the original story from the Brothers Grimm is much longer and a little more detailed than more modern-day versions. Nevertheless, the storybook is great for bedtime stories.

Rapunzel is simple enough for kids. They can interact with the elements in the story to activate sounds and movements. The story is also available in three languages: English, French and Italian.

I find the app expensive at its current price. I’ve reviewed a lot of storybook apps here in LunchboxReviews that are more comprehensive at a lower price.

But if parents love collecting classic fairy tales and exposing children to stories their parents grew up with, then Rapunzel would make a lovely addition.

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Candy Blast: What a blast!

Whizzit Candy Blast is an entertainment app for kids from Fairlady Media, Inc. It is a simple “space-invaders”-themed game.

You are the little brown squirrel armed with a flying saucer. Your objective is to fly your alien saucer onto a candy-tree dotted landscape. You need to shoot down incoming pieces of candy with your Candy Cane Laser Guns.

The Whizzit Candy Blast will throw 100 pieces of free-flying Candy at you. If you miss one, it will be deducted from your score. The nice part about this app is that it reinforces counting, number, and quantitative recognition.

Sounds easy, right? At first, I thought initially it would be boring and that kids might get tired of it. When I changed the difficulty, however, the game became more exciting. It can be quite challenging because it’s very difficult to achieve a perfect score.

Whizzit Candy Blast combines colorful landscapes, an adorable cute hero and a whimsical soundtrack. It is the kind of game that will keep kids occupied for a long time. Kids can play this during long travels or on a nice rainy day.

This is a truly enjoyable game and a must-download app. I hope Fairlady Media comes up with upgrades for it.

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Train your kids to be better spellers

Smart Speller English is a learning app designed to teach young kids how to spell and how to read phonetically. This app is developed by The overall objective is to help Sunny the Sun find his missing rainbow by spelling out 10 objects per color.

The difficulty level can be adjusted from easy to difficult. In the easy level, all words are spelled out and you just have to guide the letters into their proper order. This level is most appropriate for new learners. The difficult level shows no guides and there is only one extra letter.

Every letter touched triggers the pronunciation of the letter. Once all the letters are put into place, the app will verbally spell out the object again before enunciating the word. American parents, however, should note that the accent used in this app is British English.

Smart Speller English has a decent soundtrack and allows children to progress at their own pace as they decide the order of words that they will spell out.

I like this app for kids and appreciate that Smart Speller English allows you to download a test version before buying the full version. The paid app comes with seven colors and at least 70 words. There are also several versions of Smart Speller in different languages like Russian, Dutch, Spanish, and others.

Smart Speller English is a good learning tool for kids who are just starting to learn new words. Parents will definitely get their money’s worth.

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Math Evolve is addicting and educational

Learning Math has never been this fun! Math Evolve is an educational app for kids from Zephyr Games. It cleverly combines mathematical equations with an action game. The app is more appropriate for kids who are already in school.

There are two main sections of the app: Story Mode and Practice Mode. As the name suggests, Practice Mode allows the player to practice until he gets the hang of it. In Story Mode, the child is asked to choose from a variety of options—game difficulty level, math difficulty level, and what kind of math operation he wishes to play.

In the Story Mode, the child embarks on a galactic journey. Math has been used as a tool in a planet called Earth. A hostile alien, however, is draining the planet’s energy and all its math power is being lost. The player’s task is to help the planet evolve and save Earth from destruction.

To destroy the aliens, the player must solve a series of math problems.  Correct answers are rewarded wit more weapons to defeat the enemies.

I found myself deeply engaged with the game. I never realized that solving math problems while shooting at aliens can be a challenging and enjoyable experience.

The best thing about this app is that kids get to practice their math skills. They will surely be on their toes as they try to do two things at the same time. Math Evolve is definitely highly recommended.

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Follow-up book is just as nice

Josephine, The Mouse Who Wanted to Munch the Moon is a storybook app from Gentil Martien. It tells the continuing story of Josephine, a female mouse, living in a house with a male cat named Gordon.

Gordon has the unfortunate habit of singing when the moon is full. The problem is that the cat’s voice is awful and the mice suffer from his incessant caterwauling.

One of the mice says that if the moon wasn’t full, Gordon would have stopped singing. Because of this, Josephine plans to munch the moon. The mice try different ways to reach the moon but they fail. So how did they solve the problem? You’ll have to read the rest of the book to find out!

Just like the first book, this combines an amusing story with original music. This app for kids comes with nice illustrations, professional voices and good animation. French and English versions are also available.

Kids will find the book delightful especially if they’ve read the first app. It’s entertaining and it’s quite nice to imagine the world of mice. Aside from the story, kids can also try the Coloring section, which features some pages from the book.

Parents who are looking for a wholesome and great storybook app should definitely download Josephine, The Mouse Who Wanted to Munch the Moon.

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Explore the magic world of Best Wishes

Gone Wishing is interactive storybook for kids from Fi Production. It tells the tale of Jacob, the son of a legendary genie named Mortimer Mimble.

Jacob lives in Best Wishes, the largest wish-granting company in the world. Everyone in this company knows how to grant different kinds of wishes – from bicycles to puppies to ponies to toys.

Mortimer Mimble is the director of Best Wishes and a master of wish craft. When Mortimer retires, he expects his son, Jacob: to head the company. There is a big problem, though. Jacob can’t make a wish come true.

How can Jacob head Best Wishes if he doesn’t know how to grant wishes? Will the day come that he will be able to do so?

Gone Wishing is a fantastic storybook app for kids. It takes children to a secret world of wishes and magic. The pages are beautifully illustrated and really give the feeling of enchantment. Kids also interact with the characters by tapping them and other elements in the book.

There are three reading options for this app: Auto-Play, Read to Me, and Read by Myself. I suggest, however that parents accompany their kids when reading the book as this can be a great bonding activity.

Gone Wishing is an expensive book at $3.99, but I believe this is worth every penny. I highly recommend this storybook app.

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Crackers 4 2 for parties

No party would be complete without party crackers: beautifully wrapped cardboard cylinder, traditionally containing a paper crown (tissue paper party hat), a joke or riddle, a popping device and a small gift or party favor.  Crackers are usually pulled open at dinner parties prior to serving meals or refreshments, creating – or enhancing – a festive mood.

But real party crackers can add to air pollution and harm the environment. Enter Crackers 4 2, a virtual party crackers app, designed by eii Consulting Ltd.

Crackers 4 2 is designed as a safer alternative to real party crackers. It’s free to download and can be played over and over again. The app is definitely environmentally-friendly, does not use cardboard, and does not add to pollution.

Users are rewarded with virtual prizes or points that can earn them a place in the global leader board.

The app requires a Wi-Fi connection because it needs to communicate with other to play. Party goers can just whip out their iPod, iPhone or iPad and start cracking.

Crackers 4 2 is a silly game that you can play during parties, celebrations, or when the mood strikes!  There’s not much learning value with this app but it can give you some level of entertainment.

Other people might find real party crackers more entertaining than the app. There’s something deeply satisfying with pulling the crackers and hearing them pop. The more environmentally-conscious, however, would find the app a better alternative.

Whether you love party crackers or not, you won’t lose anything by downloading this.

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Make your own snowflakes with Snowflake Station

We often hear that no two snowflakes are alike. Children can now make their own snowflakes (virtually) by using Snowflake Station. This creative app for kids is developed by KBooM Games.

This app is divided into three sections: Work Shop, Creation Station, and Frame Your Flake. In Work Shop, kids can learn how to use the app. This is an easy tutorial on how to make snowflakes.

Creation Station is where the action is. Kids can create their own designs. They can choose which folds-from two to four-to work on. Different colors and glitters are also available to decorate their creations.

Once the kids are finished, they have an option to frame their work. The app is comes with cheery holiday music to enhance the use epxerience.

Snowflake Station is a wonderful app not only just for kids but people of all ages. It’s a great way to foster creativity and imagination.

The app is quite expensive at US$3.99. More users would be interested if the price was lower. But even with the current price, Snowflake Station is a must-have app.

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Gus’ Little Coin is a great storybook!

Gus’ Little Coin is an adorable storybook created by Zanzibook. It tells the story of a French boy named Gus, his love for coins, and the adventures of one particular penny.

The little penny is Gus’ favorite coin. Compared to other coins in Gus’ collection, it is very shiny; it has never been to anywhere outside of France!

That changes one day when Gus gives the penny to a baker to pay for a cupcake. The baker then gave the penny to another customer who flies to New York. What happens to the little penny? Will Gus ever see her again? You have to read the rest to find out.

Gus’ Little Coin is one of the best storybook apps for kids that I’ve read. It combines a touching story with original music. Some of the dialogue is also turned into songs, which kids can sing along with. It’s exciting to see the little coin in her adventure around the world.

I also like that the storybook app encourages children to have a love for numismastics, the art of coin-collecting.

Gus’ Little Coin is a great storybook that parents should download for kids. Highly recommended.

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